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    UC System for Electric Locomotive


    Applications:Tunnel locomotive,Mining locomotive,Port truck

    Characteristics:Designed with multiple protection case filled with nitrogen, safe and reliable

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    Customized system solution according to customer requirements, typical systems are S585V55-K7 and S585V73-K7

    Working temperature window: -25~55 ℃

    Designed with multiple protection case filled with nitrogen, safe and reliable

    24 hours continuous operation

    CMS can monitor the voltage, temperature, etc of each capacitor and automatically balance the voltage difference


    Tunnel locomotiveMining locomotive

    Port truck

    Heavy duty traction vehicle

    Other high power and high energy applications

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    Part Number S585V73-K7
    Nominal Capacitance(F) 2200
    Operating Voltage Window(V) 420~590
    Surge Voltage(V) 600
    Stored Energy(kWh) 60
    Standard Charge Current(A) 760
    Standard Discharge Current(A) ≤760
    Maximum Charge/Discharge Current(<20s)(A) 1500
    Time for Charging(min) 26
    Operating Temperature(oC) -25~+55
    Storage Temperature(oC) -30~+65
    Protection Level IP67
    Electric Property Overvoltage, overcurrent, overheat, overload, short circuit, DC leakage protection, etc
    Capacitor Management System Automatic balance, voltage monitor, temperature monitor, DC leakage monitor, etc
    Cooling Mode Air cooling
    Communication Interface CAN
    Size(mm) 2440×1425×850
    Weight(kg) 3000

    Method & Notice

    Test conditions

    Ambient temperature: 25±5℃

    Relative humidity: 25%~85%

    Ambient pressure: 86~106kPa

    Standards and Conformity

    GB 4208-2008 Degrees of protection provided by enclosure (IP code)

    GB/T 31467.1-2015 Lithium-ion traction battery pack and system for electric vehicles----Test specification for high power applications

    GB/T 31467.3-2015 Lithium-ion traction battery pack and system for electric vehicles----Safety requirements and test methods

    QC/T 741-2014 Ultra-capacitor for electric vehicles

    Factory inspection standard of ultra capacitor system for electric locomotive

    Operating requirements

    System should be placed vertically upward during operation

    As a high voltage device, the system shall not be used, disassembled or maintained by non -professionals.

    When connecting the system to external circuit, the circuit switch must be cut off first, otherwise there would be danger of high-voltage shock

    Before operating the system, connect communication cables to vehicle system correctly, and make sure the positive and negative polarity of power supply and load

    Short-circuit and reverse connection of the system is strictly prohibited, cut off circuit and take safety measures once such cases happen

    Check each parameter on the human-computer interface(HMI) to ensure the voltage of each cell is between 2.80~4.05V and the maximum voltage difference shouldn’t be larger than 200mV

    The system case is filled with nitrogen to positive pressure, when the pressure in box is<0.01bar, nitrogen should be refilled until the pressure goes to 0.3~0.4bar

    Please stop charging when peculiar smell or abnormal noise is found during charging the system

    Abandoning used capacitor is strictly prohibited, please discharge capacitor to 0V before recycling

    Storage and transportation requirements

    Ambient temperature: -30~65℃

    Relative humidity: 0~95%

    Ambient pressure: 86~106kPa

    System should be placed vertically upward during storage and transportation

    Keep power interfaces protected in order to prevent collision, which may cause short circuit during the process of storage and transportation

    System must be charged to rated voltage before long term storage and transportation. Check cell voltage difference every 45 days, when cell voltage difference is<200mV and >50mV, balance system should be activated until the cell voltage difference drops to ≤40mV, when cell voltage difference is>200mV, child node or capacitor should be checked, replace the bad child node or cell if necessary

    When system is kept unused for longer than 1 year, it should be tested by Aowei before using.

    Avoid contacting corrosive materials, keep away heat sources and fire sources

    Prevent violent vibration, collision or crush during the process of transportation

    Prevent exposing in the sun and rain, and keep dry and ventilated during transportation

    The system can be transported by cars, trains, ships, etc

    See the product catalogue for more information

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