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    UCR Series


    Applications:Tram,Metro,hybrid vehicle,Energy-saving elevator,Pulse device

    Characteristics:Up to 1,000,000 cycles(1.35~2.7V)

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    CE、RoHS、UN3499 certified

    Working temperature window -40~65℃

    Up to 1,000,000 cycles(1.35~2.7V)

    Extremely high power density

    Multiple protection design, safe and reliable

    Accurate CMS regulation and control with good linear charge and discharge behavior



    hybrid vehicleEnergy-saving elevator

    Wind turbine pitch control

    Pulse device Power compensator

    See the product catalogue for more information


    Dimension of UCR27V3000B


    Charge-discharge curve under 0-2.7V of UCR27V3000B

    Part Number UCR27V3000B
    Nominal Capacitance (F) 3000
    Capacitance Fluctuation(%) ±10
    Operating Voltage Window (V) 2.7
    Surge Voltage (V) 2.9
    Discharge Cut-off Voltage(V) 0
    Maximum Charge/Discharge Current(A) 2200
    DC Resistance(m Ω) 0.25
    Leakage Current(mA) 5.0 (72h)
    Stored Energy (Wh) 3.0
    Energy Density (Wh?kg-1/Wh?L-1 ) 5.5/7.6
    Power Density (kWh?kg-1/Wh?L-1 ) 13/16
    Cycle Life (cycles) 100萬 (1.35~2.7V)
    Weight (g) 550
    Endurance Test at High Temperature(h) 1500h Capacity retention> 80%
    @65 oC Resistance increasing rate < 100%
    Operating Temperature (oC) -40~+65
    Storage Temperature (oC) -40~+70

    Method & Notice

    Test conditions

    Relative humidity: 25%~85%

    Relative humidity: 25%~85%

    Ambient pressure: 86~106kPa

    Standards and conformity

    IEC 62576-2009 Electric double-layer capacitors for use in hybrid electric vehicles-Test methods for electrical characteristics

    QC/T 741-2014 Ultra-capacitor for electric vehicles

    Q/TFDQ 7-2011 UCR Series Ultra capacitor

    Operating requirements

    Operating exceeding the upper or lower operating temperature limit is strictly prohibited.

    Operating exceeding the maximum or minimum operating voltage is strictly prohibited.

    Crush, collision, penetration or disassembly of the capacitor is strictly prohibited.

    Abandoning used capacitor is strictly prohibited, please discharge capacitor to 0V before recycling

    Please keep away from all heat sources

    Please avoid contacting water, oil, acid, alkali and other corrosive mattersJuveniles should operate the capacitor accompanied by parents

    Storage and transportation requirements

    Ambient temperature: -30~70℃

    Relative humidity: 0~95%

    Ambient pressure: 86~106kPa

    Prevent exposing in the sun, keep away from heat sources and keep dry and ventilated

    Avoid contact of liquid or corrosive matters

    Please handle gently during handling process, prevent inversion, collision, crush or violent vibration during the process of transportation

    See the product catalogue for more information

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