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  • Products

    Products of Aowei cover many commercial ultra capacitor technologies in the world, and the UCK product series with up to 90Wh/kg energy density was successfully developed and widely used in different applications. Aowei won the “1st Shanghai Science and Technology Award” organized by Shanghai city government, and “National Workers Outstanding Technical Innovation Award” and other honorary titles organized by the four Ministries.

    UCR Series


    UC System for City Bus

    S585V36-K7 S720V40-K7

    UC System for Electric Locomotive

    S585V73-K7 S585V55-K7

    Pantograph-based Charging Station System


    Powerful Aowei

    National Engineering and Technology Research Center for Vehicle Super Capacitor System


    production base

    Integrative Enterprise of Production, Learning and Research


    Forefront of the world

    Leading the Engineering Application of Supercapacitor System


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